Buskin and Batteau

Photo of Buskin and Batteau
Photo by John Gregory

David Buskin and Robin Batteau evoke a wide range of emotions in their audiences, ranging from light-hearted amusement at "ESPN" or the pun-filled "Death in Venice" to a gentle sense of loss expressed by their beautiful ballad for the late Kate Wolf, "Never Cry Wolf".

As professional jingle writers, Buskin and Batteau's voices and tunes have been heard in almost every American household. They've had us listening "to the heartbeat of America", living "in a Burger King Town" and climbing "all aboard Amtrak".

The popular duo also brings their unique style and sound to the stage and the audience has come to expect the unexpected whenever David and Robin perform. Drawing inspriration from current events they gave us "Second Homeless", on the heels of the October 1987 stock market crash, a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the plight of stockbrokers no longer able to afford a second home.

Buskin and Batteau combine talent, humor and showmanship with the element of surprise to produce a crowd-pleasing performance.

Note: This information was posted to the web site when Buskin and Batteau appeared at our 14th Annual Benefit Weekend, January 15-16, 1999 and the 18th Annual Benefit Weekend, January 17-18, 2003.