Jennie Avila, singer songwriter, and Stephen Wright, drum maker are the duo,  Jennie and Stephen coined the word, Aca-Perco, to describe the energizing collaboration of Jennie’s vocal talents, a cappella, and Stephen’s rhythmic infusions of percussion.  A variety of instruments are showcased; including Stephen Wright’s handmade ceramic drums, Jennie’s snake-like kokiriko, a traditional conga, and a dash of savory guitar.

has been together as a band since October 2009.  The band is made up of Roger Drexler, Ralph Dubayah, Mary Shelley, Ken Drexler, Amy R. and Sven Abow.  Born from a mutual love of British Folk rock, Renaissance Festivals, Tudor History and just hanging out together, they have all added their own specialty to the band and the sum of the parts has led to a unique combination of original and traditional songs.

Information about the other performers will be available soon.