Music Americana is Now online!

picture of New Southern Cowtippers title= Have you spent your Sunday nights wishing you could still listen to Dick Cerri’s “Music Americana?”  For many of us, Sunday nights were devoted to listening to the music that Dick (and the rest of us) loved.

Now, thanks to the efforts of one of Dick’s biggest fans, Mike Marmer, we can listen to the music, interviews, folk quizzes, and commentary that we all enjoyed when Dick was on the air.  Mike has made available a sampling of Dick’s shows on

Here are the shows that have been uploaded to

And on you can find the following on YouTube:

We hope that this will be just the beginning, and that we will be able to add many more of Dick’s shows to this collection. If you have converted any of your recordings of Dick‘s shows to mp3 files, or have the equipment and the time necessary to convert cassette tapes to mp3 files, please send an email to describing the equipment you have and your experience doing this.